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Customized Solutions for

Optimizing Your Human Capital Investments


Performance and Process Improvement

We partner with leaders to create customized solutions that drive repeatable, sustainable, and measurable business outcomes, plus executive coaching to develop strategic change enablement strategies that will ensure successful deployment and adoption.

Human Capital Analytics

We coach you how to increase the value of your teams by leveraging actionable data to drive decisions and build alignment for your human capital solutions. We provide leaders with a practical approach of using data to optimize their investments in people, including ROI. 

Custom Workshops and Education

We create customized workshops and educational sessions tailored to your business needs, and coordinate meeting facilitation, executive coaching, and business planning strategies to help you develop the competencies of your employees and leaders.

Minimal Office


With over 40 years of global business and human capital expertise, the consulting team at The ROI Generator has a proven track record of direct accountability for growing revenues and profits in Fortune 500 companies. Our experience includes leading global learning and performance teams, helping franchises and organizations in the SMB market scale their training and development solutions, and developing learning and performance solutions for more than 1.6 million employees in 118 countries.

We can do it for you.
We can teach you how to do it.
We can partner with you and do it together.  


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